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Create Your Own Calm:
A Journal for Quieting Anxiety

Available in bookstores everywhere.

Feeling anxious, uncertain, overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Combining inspiring quotes and engaging journal prompts with vivid watercolor paintings, this insightful journal is a quiet space to creatively reflect and recharge in an uncertain world.

Acclaimed artist and author Meera Lee Patel guides you toward self-acceptance, clarity, and peace, one calming page at a time.

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goop | Journaling Exercises for Everyday Anxiety

Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist and writer who found some solace from stress in the simple: drawing and journaling. She’s published four beautiful books and journals, including her latest, Create Your Own Calm, which is filled with prompts that help you get out of your head.

We caught up with Patel to learn a little more about her process, how she moves through a creative block, and her tips for first-timers. She also shared an exercise for journaling about the future from her new book—download it and give it a try.

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| Tap Into Creativity to Cultivate Inner Calm

Meera Lee Patel, artist and bestselling author of Start Where You Are, leads an inspiring discussion on how to tap into your creativity to cultivate a sense of internal calm. She will explain how our biggest fears can actually become our superpowers, guiding us toward our greatest dreams.

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| Feeling anxious or stressed?

According to today’s guest, engaging in creative activities – like journaling and drawing – can help you learn to ease your anxiety and reshape your mindset for the better.

Meera Patel is a talented artist, author, and columnist at Spirituality & Health, where she writes and draws about mental health.

Her new book is called, “Create Your Own Calm: A Journal for Quieting Anxiety,” and it’s full of beautiful illustrations, inspirational quotes, and writing exercises.

On this episode of the Dr. Gundry Podcast, Meera and I will talk about how art, writing, and reflection can help you ease YOUR anxiety, so you can live a better, more fulfilling life.

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RADICALLY LOVED | Creating Your Calm Wherever You Are

Traveling is a joyful exercise when you need inspiration and a break from your routine. Your ability or inability to move impacts your creativity. With the current travel restrictions and civil unrest around the world, no one is immune from getting feelings of uncertainty and anxiety during these trying times. In today’s episode, Meera Lee Patel gives us a glimpse into her creative process when writing her book, Create Your Own Calm. She tells us how the pandemic and her pregnancy affected her creative flow. She also shares her stories of overcoming fear by feeling at home with herself, no matter where she is.

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| Feel the Calm with Meera Lee Patel

Kate and Doree take a moment to pay their respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, then Meera Lee Patel (Create Your Own Calm) joins them to discuss how she schedules her day as a creative and an artist, what it was like to face all of her fears in order to write her book My Friend Fear, and the power of finding where we feel most peaceful.

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ONE PART PODCAST | Quieting Anxiety and Reframing the Unknown with Meera Lee Patel

In this episode, Meera and I discuss why we can’t always fear the unknown, how she approaches anxiety, the unpaid labor of free content, promoting your work with transparency, and how she’s pivoted her business during the last six months.

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FOLLOW YOUR DIFFERENT | Create Your Own Calm with Meera Lee Patel

We have a powerful conversation about dealing with anxiety and why Meera thinks, “the more you run away from something, the more it follows you.” You’ll also enjoy Meera’s thoughts on self-acceptance, why journaling is a powerful conversation with yourself, and pay special attention to Meera’s ideas around “the only way out – is through."

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